We're changing the culture of nursing- for those that are new and for those ready to do the profession better.

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It's nice to have you here.

If you're feeling lost, your passion has cooled, you're in need of clarity, or someone to cheer you on- you've come to the right place.

 Maybe you are looking for more. Looking for a healthier approach to a beloved career.

The new nurse is a community for those desiring conversation and support for a much bigger aspect of nursing. More than a clinical curriculum we're helping to establish skills and practices for this marathon profession. Whether it's boundaries, self-care, moral injury, or Jesus in the workplace, the new nurse is for those that don't want to burnout but seek balance. We're cheering each

other on and walking closely together

for a healthy and healing profession.

This is for those ready to change the culture.

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Join Nurse Meg and Nurse Em for our weekly podcast, the new nurse, where we dive into the foundational components for a healthy nurse culture and profession. You're not alone..it's time for a deeper conversation.

Listen @ https://linktr.ee/Imanewnurse

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Join us LIVE every month. It's the best because we get to talk with YOU. We're spreading hope and encouragement and look forward to meeting you and diving into what's on your heart and mind.

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Nurse Meg

Love Language: Quality Time, Dogs, Great Food

I started my career in the ICU but have since transitioned to the Peri-operative world.

I love to travel internationally, read good books, talk to you about your dogs, have 3 hour coffee dates, the sun on my face, dirt under my nails, and Jesus- always Jesus.

I wanted to create a space that encourages others as we walk alongside each other on this journey.  You are known, and loved, and have incredible gifts to offer. I pray that this space will remind you of that often.

* I also am privileged to be a wife and bonus mom to 2 incredible guys :)  let's not forget the 4 legged kids: 2 horses (one is a mini and deserves his own website)....and I love a good sideways


Isaiah 55

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Nurse Em

Love Language: Sunshine, Quality Time, Espresso

I began as a surgical/trauma nurse, both in our intermediate care unit and now in our ICU (COVID ICU). I enjoy my PRN gig with the loveliest of elderly populations at a SNF/Rehab/Dementia unit.

Let's just say, if you quarantine me in my home with my husband, 2 dogs, 1 cat, thai food, pizza, and an intermittent espresso martini, you will not hear me complain.

Big fan for classic cars, soccer & basketball, lifting weights and saunas. Good music, laughter, and planning future adventures fuel me.

I am beyond happy you were led into this direction with us- let's yearn for more together.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Luke 19: The Parable of Ten Minas <3

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